Workshop Day: Tuesday, August 24 2021

WORKSHOP A: Utilizing Animal Models & Their Translational Value

Across the drug development landscape, translating animal models for human clinical trials brings a host of challenges. Effectively translating biomarkers from preclinical to clinical development is vital in ensuring and monitoring therapeutic success. This workshop will dive into:

  • Whether there are certain types of biomarkers in animal models that show good translational opportunities and support in understanding mechanisms of AD.
  • What types of biomarkers in the animal models are suited to and are there certain types of biomarkers that animal models should be related?
  • How to use an animal model for biomarker development and its specific types.
  • What are “good” translational models
  • Multi-dimensional characterization of animal models
  • Sophisticated translational work moving up through mouse models for AD

Workshop Leader

Juli Jones

Juli Jones
Director & Head of Disease Biology
Cyclerion Therapeutics